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Since its advent in 1999, has been one of the leading suppliers in online cellular distribution. Being an online company, WG was able to keep up with the latest online trends and keep its website current. Unfortunately, after Hurricane Ike hit Houston, Texas in September of 2008, WG's warehouse and main workstation was flooded out and the business was forced to come to a sudden halt. As of 2011, WG was lacking in its customer base and needed to reach out and promote its products once again. When they approached D.A. Designers for the job, we knew right away that several steps were needed to restore WG's online status.

We began of course with an in-depth keyword research initiative. (DISCLAIMER: Due to privacy regulations, D.A. Designers is barred from sharing keyword strings) We decided to take an approach that would be beneficial to WG both short term and long term. While focusing on popular keyword terms (eg. "Cellular phones") looks like an obvious strategy, we knew from the get-go that such terms were in heavy demand and as such required a lot of competition and time to get anywhere with, even though focusing on these terms would be of benefit in the long run. Focusing on mid level keywords (eg. "Samsung phones") required less competition and energy, but again, the time factor clearly indicated we would not get the desired results when WG wanted them. Specific keyword terms (eg. "Samsung micro-usb chargers" or part numbers of specific products) had the least competition and guaranteed the fastest results. These search terms are called "long tail keywords", and they form the basis of results-based SEO keyword research. After consulting with WG on their marketing strategy, we both decided to push specific products that WG had to offer first in order to rank well for those specific terms. Meanwhile, we would also optimize webpages on the site for popular search terms so that they would rise in the ranks for those terms also, albeit more slowly. The combined approach proved to be effective as WG's ranks started rising and the products they pushed began selling more frequently. Later on we modified the long tail keywords to push other products that WG had to offer.

For a company as large and longstanding as WirelessGalaxy, we knew that picking keywords and pushing products was not enough. To establish credibility, we knew an authoritative brand had to be created. We started this process through the creation of a research center on WG's website. The research center features information pertaining to the lastest phones, trending cellular fashions and "how-to"s for various electronic problems or software issues (eg. how to factory reset an iPod). This research center features original articles written either by the content team at D.A. Designers or the staff at WG, both of whom collaborated extensively for this sub-project. The idea is to attract interested visitors and create credibility that will carry over quickly in the online world, leading to more longterm visits and conversions.

As far as the structuring on WG's website went, D.A. Designers decided to not only clean up their webpage structure (which had become cluttered and disorganized), but also add a "Related Products" module to increase visibilty of similar products which were being searched for on the site. After extensive research and observation of what prospective customers were looking for, we introduced to the website through Drupal a module that suggested products based on what each user was browsing or specifically searching for. This not only increased traffic and cohesion within the site, but it also proved instrumental in producing conversions.

64 Similar Products on WG Product Page

Offsite SEO was a major must-have for WG, especially since a lot of sites sharing links with WG ended up going out of business. This meant a huge link building campaign for us, and we began by creating an affiliate program for interested website owners. WirelessGalaxy has always had a strong wholesale program and consquently has built up an extensive network of wholesale partners over the years, a network that remained even after company operations were put on hold. D.A. Designers decided to take the governing principle behind their successful wholesale program and apply it to WG's linkbuilding efforts to create an attractive affiliate program that proved beneficial to corresponding websites both online and offline. As far as traditional link building went, our team of SEO specialists conducted research and carefully selected a list of good potential link partners based on their particular niche in the market, pagerank and other information. Prospective link sharers were contacted via email, and similar requests were actually recieved by WG based on their rising pagerank and the articles uploaded in their research center. has proven to be driving force in the online cellular market. Although it hit a bump in the road, its road to recovery and renewal proved to be quite fruitful. With the correct tools, D.A. Designers was able to facilitate a strong comeback for a company that needed a good push.