How To Add Images to My New Page

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Sometimes a page you create might need an image to make it more lively and engaging. In Drupal, the process is pretty simple. Before adding an image to your web page, be sure that you have saved the image you want on to your computer. If it is an image created or edited in photoshop, be sure to save it as a Web and Mobile Optimized Image.

When you click the edit tab on the page you want to change, there will be a field above the body content that will allow you to upload images. Click "Browse", select the file you want to upload (you may have to look for it if you didn't save it in a conspicuous spot) and then click upload. Your page should now have an image! To add more images, repeat the same process, as there should be more than one field for uploading after adding your first image.

Another way to add images is to click the image graphic in the editing tools of the body content field. After clicking this, a similar field will open on your screen, and you should repeat the above process to get your image online. After that, you can control how the text of the body of the page wraps around the image through a series of short wrapping options. Enjoy!