Social Media Marketing

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In March 2010 Facebook surpassed Google for the first time as the most visited website in the United States. (Reuters)

28 google vs facebook

The basis is of marketing is your reach to your customers. Traditionally, marketing has required that people find and come to you. Online social media allows you to take your company to them and stay where they stay.

You can use your company's online social media profiles to connect to people who care about your objectives, products and solutions, which will increase the visibility of your brand and allow your customers to act. D.A. Designers can help by:

  • Developing a marketing and PR strategy both off and online
  • Creating ad campaigns (using social media outlets like Twitter or LinkedIn)
  • Writing press releases for social media outlets and other websites
  • Creating buttons for your blog and social media profiles
  • Optimizing your blog, web and social media content for search engines
  • Shooting videos for your site and social media profiles
  • Producing online photo content from events or photo shoots

A real social media marketer doesn't leave you in the dust after creating you a Facebook profile. D.A. Designers is with you to the end; we plan, perform and analyze our campaigns with consistency and steadfastness.

Social Media Consulting

Looking for a social media consultant? Let us help. As true "digital locals", we can provide guidance and sound assistance as you grow your online presense in the social media world.

D.A. Designers is host to a dedicated Social Media Marketing Team who's goal is to help you realize your internet marketing goals, be it Facebook, Twitter or anything else.

Social Media Consulting is a tag of effective communication and tech-friendly PR that serves to compliment and extend your business's web marketing strategy.

If you've built your brand, it's time to create your community!

Contact us today to learn more about how social media marketing can benefit your business.