Free Social Media Guide for Businesses!

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Of all the online marketing tools available, none has risen to prominence faster or has been more unexpected than social media networks. The beauty of this tool is that instead of waiting for visitors or customers to come to you, you can be a part of their friend circles and build a following of people who are interested in what you do and the services you provide. It can also serve as an acute cross-section of your customer following, telling you who is most into you and your products.

It's A Great Tool, But Who Has The Time?

Fortunately, we at D.A. Designers have a team that can create quality content to build your brand name. We can blog, tweet, update your Facebook page and create press releases to increase your site's visibilty.

Our plan includes:

  • Content Strategizing - We will sit down with you and identify your current audience, your targets, required information and keywords.
  • Brainstorming and Creating Professional Content - About 2 articles a month that can be used for blogs, social media updates or email campaigns.
  • Press Releases - Includes writing and unlimited revisions, along with an interview and research needed for your audience.
  • Distribution - All written content should be distributed as widely as possible through your blog, Facebook, Twitter page and email.
  • Sharing and Updates - About 5 posts a month sharing industry-related information from previously written articles or third party sources.


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