WG Releases Upgrade with D.A. Designers

Date of Release: 
February, 2010

Online cellular retailer WirelessGalaxy.com (WG) announced today the development of its new website under the supervision of Houston based web design firm D.A. Designers. WG has been in business since 1999 and has over the years become a major retailer of cellular phones and accessories nationwide. It was recently acquired by Houston Cellular, one of the largest cellular suppliers and distributors in the state of Texas. "WG is in the same boat D.A. Designers was a couple of years back," says business consultant Max Power. "All of a sudden they have new leadership and a different directon to take. That's one of the reasons why they selected us for the job!" Although WG has been pulling in a record number of new customers, the site has been unchanged for the past few years and is in need of a serious overhaul. "When online companies were first starting off, they were all over the place," says technical consultant Zion Garcia. "Now, you have a certain ecommerce website rubric to follow. You have to have certain features which have become the de facto standard for the average online consumer as well as have a site that complies with all the coding and technical rules and regulations. Combine that with top-notch design and you've got a heck of a site." The unique feature of WG is its synchronization with other websites. WG features D.A. custom shipping coding that marks an order on the website as shipped automatically after the shipping label is printed in Endicia. It also features synchronization with fraud detection website Precharge. The new website, www.wirelessgalaxy.com, is set to lauch later this month.

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