TDF: D.A.'s in Our Top 5

Date of Release: 
May, 2009

It's been three years since the launch of Houston based web design firm D.A. Designers, and already the company is gaining some recoginition for its work. Top Design Firms (TDF), a rater of web design complanies, placed D.A. Designers in its list of Top 5 design firms. The group was unavailable for comment, but an unconfirmed source said that, "When it comes to web sites, the average guy is looking for something flashy and edgy, but those in the professional industry want something simple and elegant. For a vendor to realize that so quickly after making its debut in the market shows that the people at D.A. Designers are serious about being quality site providers." Officials at D.A. were quick to show their surprise. "Ratings are not typically what we look for," says cheif business consultant Max Power. "We find a client and make sure he's satisfied. Fortunately we have enough skill and knowledge to satisfy all of our clients' needs." Of course, D.A. Designers was also quite pleased with the rating. "It feels amazingly satisfying to have someone other than the client appreciate our work," says cheif technical consultant Zion Garcia. "Now we know we're definitely on the right track." D.A. Designers is set to launch a slew of new web sites later this month.