Moody Gallery Announces Major Upgrade With D.A. Designers

Date of Release: 
April, 2011

Moody Gallery, an art gallery known to represent major national and international artists, has announced that it will be upgrading their website with Houston based web design company D.A. Designers. The gallery, open since 1975, has hosted an abundance of artwork by not only top-tier artists, but also emerging and mid-level ones. Unfortunately, their website hasn't been updated in recent years. Still relying on old HTML code, the gallery stated it was encountering difficulty updating the artwork on its site, adding that it was tremendously tedious to add the lastest samples of art that passed through their doors.

41 Moody Gallery Homepage

42 Moody Artist Page43 Moody Gallery Backend

Furthermore, the gallery's numerous fans demanded instant online access and news updates regarding new or popular paintings or sculptures. "What the site needs is a total overhaul," says technical consultant Zion Garcia. "Moody Gallery needs a site that complies with the latest in HTML coding along with an easy to use interface for employees or workers accessing the back end of the site. They need to be able to easy post updates and new artwork, so they'll probably need something that's easy to work with using images." The new website will allow them to easily log in and add content as they see fit. Viewers will see all the latest artwork as well as information on upcoming exhibits. The site, is scheduled for release later this year.