New Year, New Look; D.A. 3.0

Date of Release: 
January, 2012

This year is set to be a big one, and for Houston, Texas based web design group D.A. Designers, there's no time like the present to showcase their latest improvement. The firm is set to release a new version of their website, and according to business consultant Max Power, it's set to be bigger and better than ever. "Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds," he said earlier at an interview. "A lot of companies are struggling to keep up. Fortunately, we're right there at the precipice, and once you see version 3, you'll know what I'm talking about!" The site will be totally compliant with HTML5, and feature a different look and feel. "We did away with anything we saw as juvenile or amateur in nature," says technical consultant Zion Garcia. "All the Flash content had to go. We think you'll find the look of the new site to be much more aesthetically pleasing." The site will also feature more interactivity and a 'flowing' animation style that will look much more up to date and engaging. "It's been about four years since our last update," says head design consultant Sami K. "Now it's much easier to have animation that captures the attention of the visitor." The greatest feature, perhaps, is the back end of the site, which has been made with Drupal open source code and Storm Dashboard. With the Dashboard, administrators and employees can create tasks and memos for each other for different websites and projects. Having the ability to create infinite tasks within one project means that the staff can interact and work with each other seamlessly without ever having to meet or separately discuss jobs. Power had this to add, "This is to show anyone viewing any of our sites that all of the work we put into overhauling our site and back end is for the customer. It makes all of our lives easier, and makes for quality work. D.A. is ready for the new year and anything else coming our way!"

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