D.A. Designers Launches New, Upgraded Website

Date of Release: 
September, 2009

 Houston, Texas based web design firm D.A. Designers launched today a new version of its website www.dadesigners.com, affectionately termed 'v2'. "The web is like an adolescent child right now," says business consultant Max Power. "Changes are coming quickly and by the hundreds. We've kept up with this technology as it developed, but we need a website to truly reflect this fact." The site employs some of the finer points of design, like flash animation. It also features an interactive portfolio and a personalized quote provider. "It's important to have a site that complies with all the latest code regulations and specifications," says technical consultant Arnold Velazquez. "More importantly, we need to show our current and potential clients that we are more than capable of doing this." You can view the new website at www.dadesigners.com.

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