Google Places D.A. at the Top

Date of Release: 
March, 2010

 It looks as though Houston, Texas based web design company D.A. Designers is getting some more high profile props. Google recently placed D.A. Designers as the number one listing under the keywords "web design Houston" on its search engine. Although the staff at D.A. was expecting a high result, the listing still came as a very pleasant surprise. "A year ago something like this might have blown me away," says chief business consultant Max Power. "Now I can safely say that we're technically and professionally at a level where we're searching and waiting for something like this." Zion Garcia, chief technical consultant said that, "This is honestly one of the best forms of recognition we can get. Everyone knows you can develop a top-notch site and put it up lickety-split. It's a completely different matter for it to receive traffic and viewers. By topping such an important listing, we're showing everyone that we have what it takes to be a superpower in the web design industry." Everyone is excited about incoming prospects, and clients are already starting to line up. "Now we know we’re doing this right," added Power. "This is definitely something any burgeoning business needs, it's like they've given us an award for best SEO." You can find out more about D.A. Designers and SEO (search engine optimization) at