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The Business Logo: Your Company's First Impression

To get noticed, one has to look good. For your business, this means having a memorable logo that catches the eye of your customers and gives them a sense of where you stand as a company and what part of the market you serve best. Your logo should also work with your company's tagline and highlight the outstanding features of your business.

"Assembly Line Logo", a Major "No-No"

A lot of companies turn to vendors that mass produce logos for businesses (we call those "assembly line logos"). Although you can get a logo really quick this way, there are a lot of concerns you should have when dealing with these types of companies, including:

  • Detached, incomplete communication that can hamper good results
  • No project managers to talk with about progress
  • Sub-par talent. These tasks are usually delegated to junior designers or outsourced employees with little or no managerial oversight
  • Concealed charges

Taking all these concerns into account, you're more likely to be dissatisfied with an "assembly line logo" company. Some of our own customers have turned to these companies and have come away with no real results. In other words, you're more likely to lose out with a cheap logo.

Our Logo Design Packages

We have four logo packages for your branding needs. All of these packages include a custom vector logo design, and anything with a (*) next to the price includes a complete stationary package with Letter head, Envelopes and Business Card Design.

Text-based Basic Package $59

This package is for logos that are made completely up of text and have minor effects such as shadows and texture. We choose a suitable font which delivers the message of your brand in a simple and clear format.

Customer-based Logo $249*

This package is for business owners who have an idea of what they want as their logo, but can't properly implement their vision. Our graphic design team works with the client by creating different versions of the initial idea and improving the concept by changing fonts and making changes according to what the client needs. This process can take some time, but it still saves a lot of energy since the client is providing the idea.

Logo Update/Re-vamp $119

It's important to change your logo as times and styles change. It shows that your brand is up to speed on current ideas and that your brand has evolved to meet changing needs. D.A. Designers can re-create an out of style logo without damaging your brand's individuality. At times, all your logo may need are a few minor changes, or it may need an entire overhaul. We conduct extensive research on your brand and its uniqueness and give you a complete and professional opinion of whether your logo needs a major or minor change.

Custom Brand Development $599*

Under this package, the customer (that's you) and the design team (that's us) work together closely to come up with a logo solution that works for you. We spend a lot of time for this logo on getting to know your business and its place in the market compared to similar firms. From this research, we find the best type of symbolism for your company and create different versions of the initial logo idea to present to you. From there, you can tell us what you like or don't like and we will continue to go back and forth making changes until you're satisfied with the result. The process of finding that perfect logo can be short and sweet or long and drawn out, but in the end we guarantee to give you something you'll love.

Logo? Check. - Now What?

With a personalized and engaging logo, you can now continue the branding process with these add-ons:

  • Corporate Stationery - Branding your stationery makes a definite positive impression on your customers; demonstrating care about your image demonstrates in turn care for your customers.
  • Taglines - A good tagline expands on the message in your logo by elaborating on the products and services you offer. If done right, it can secure your postion in your industry.
  • Icons - This is includes web graphics and your GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Logo Animation - This adds a totally new dimension to your logo and can really impress your online customers and visitors. If designed well, this logo will give you that extra competitive edge.
  • Differing Versions - A lot of the time your logo will often need a lot of different versions. You might need a black & white, a color or a 3-D logo for different environments

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