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In today's web world, it can be a daunting task to make a good website that caters to your needs as well as your customers'. Since the web has blown up for the past few years, it can be difficult and confusing for business owners and web newbies to choose the right software for the job. Fortunately, the web itself has come about to offer a solution: Drupal.

What is Drupal?

48 Drupal is an open-source software package that allows you to make, edit, manage and publish content for your website. Open-source means that unlike other softwares that require purchase before use (e.g. Microsoft Office), softwares that are open-source are free and available to anyone interested. It also means that the software's source code (basically the "DNA" of the software) is available for viewing by anyone.

Why is Drupal So Special?

Since Drupal is open-source, it has quite a few developers (over 600,000!) working on and contributing to the Drupal corpus of web-based software. This "army" of programmers can contribute, edit and provide feedback to hundreds of modules used with Drupal, which means that the software is extensively tested for quality, security and efficiency issues to an exhaustive extent, while providing vendors like D.A. Designers an oppurtunity to fix what is needed instead of developing expensive software at the cost of the client's budget in order to deliver stellar experiences. It also means that a wide variety of people use Drupal, which includes everyone from small organizations to multi-national companies. Therefore, the software that is produced must be up to par with everyone, meaning you get enterprise-level support when using Drupal. You have the world's top developers contributing and editing web-based software that anyone in turn can use; that's a package you can't afford to miss out on!

How is Drupal Different From Any Other Open-source Software?

What makes Drupal so effective and distinct is the nearly endless level of customization involved. Whenever a developer adds a module to the Drupal software corpus, it can be used in conjunction with virtually another module already existing in the Drupal community contribution repository. This means that you can combine literally thousands of different modules or develop a few to tailor the framework according to your needs, and it's all open to the public! In fact, the White House chose Drupal as its content management system (CMS) for its own website.

Drupal along with various other web technologies is the software of choice for D.A. Designers. Our skilled developers can create a website site, intranet portal, or offline application backend that that is perfect for your needs. Visit our portfolio to view examples of our work with Drupal.

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