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You've seen the words "custom website development" all over this website (and probably many others), but what do those words really mean? It means that each and every controllable factor down to the last byte is strategically envisioned, developed and placed specifically for your company.

It stands to reason that a project requiring such attention and planning will cost more than a simple template, or anything else offered with a quick turnaround (If you're looking for something of that nature, please check our rapid-release deals). However, if your needs expand beyond the basic portfolio and you wish to have a truly unique web presence, we ask that any penny squeezing be saved for other areas. Your website is the most crucial tool in your communication arsenal and will guide and affect more of your customers than all your other media outlets put together.

A tactically developed website starts with a plan that clarifies your company's identity, its job and its importance. The plan should also aim to share relevant content in a manner consistent with your company plans and goals. This is the perfect opportunity to truly amaze your customers and assure them that you are their best choice, irrespective of the cost.

That's enough, I'd like a quote please

Web Design Pricing

A well developed site that is to serve as a company's online brand requires a consultative approach that has stood the test of time. We give around 20 hours to consultation, research and management at $80 per hour for the best in skill. Of course, depending on the size of your project the time might vary. If you wish to blow your customers away with the best design and planning, you may want to invest in this stage.

We break down the costs for you, so you can compare the process, the time taken and the results.

Customized Web Development Pricing Guidelines

  • Discovery, planning, research and consulting: We recommend about 20 hours for this process, but you are free to extend or shorten the time as you see fit. (even curtail this stage altogether, or have it done in-house)
  • Design: D.A. spends at least 50 hours designing pages, optimizing usability, site architecture, menus, font styles, revising and just about anything and everything else that adds to your brand online. Expect an average of $3500-$8,000 depending on what kind of project you choose. (Ask about our simple web project package, if you'd like something quicker!)
  • Development and Testing: Turning your planned out site into a concrete content management system (CMS) like Drupal can take a lot of time. It requires coding all your style sheets, graphics, buttons and all the other site elements that have been created for your specific needs. Browser testing itself tends to take over a week with the basic 4 web browsers and their numerous versions. This is why major companies give 30 days just for coding a custom website. To theme 5 different page types including CMS implementation and coding would cost around $2500-$5000. Addition pages requiring implementation into site navigation, menus or the CMS can be between $200-$600 depending on the complexity of the pages. (We usually charge $250 per page type)
  • Ongoing Marketing: Well, you've got this great site, but now you need to create visibility to make sure your target audience is able to find their way to your website, and manage your online reputation effectively. We recommend spending 3-12% of your gross revenue on marketing and advertising.

Custom Web Design Process and Components

The number and type of components changes with each site and each company's specific needs, but there are always some fundamental aspects at the center of the design process.

  • Discovery, planning, management, research and consulting - see above, plus we assign a brand manager to each client.
  • Site navigation design and architecture - This is extremely important, as it sets the rate of the whole user experience
  • Homepage Style and Design - This is the most crucial aspect of your site and it's where we focus the majority of our design time. A normal homepage has many elements, including the header, footer, menus, display area, content area and advertisement areas
  • Subpage syles - This template is what moves your customers through your site. You may need more than one style.
  • Form style - This template is used for data submission, like contact info, blogging, and online ordering
  • Blog style - This style helps you quickly and efficiently build your web presence by interacting with web users and enhancing SEO
  • Unique custom styles - Depending on your site, each page may need to be customized to properly communicate key information.
  • Landing page style - This template allows you to gauge the effectiveness of online deals or promotions by testing results of offers in a controlled environment. It is also used for lead captures and webinars
  • CMS and development platform - We provide a user-friendly content management system that allows authorized users to edit aspects of the site, just as text, images and subpages, directly on the site and without any technical HTML knowledge.
  • Much More - The idea of custom website development is that we can design anything you need for your business, even if it's not a common component.

Why D.A. Designers?

Our design process is high power and multidimensional and it facilitates the creation of websites that visitors and potential customers can truly and fully connect to. We work hard to create a level of engagement that keeps visitors coming back and impressed. We combine elegant design, innovative functionality, business intellegence and very targetted marketing strategies to make sure your online presence represents your company goals and culture.

Plus, we provide services that perk up the deal even more:
-We offer a designated consultant that works directly with you to understand your needs and gives recommendations.
-We make sure you love what you get
-We ensure a return on your investment

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