Corporate Citizenship

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At D.A. Designers, we take corporate citizenship very seriously. We have a responsibility to respect not only our peers and customers, but also everything and everyone in the environment around us. We pledge to lead our business and dealings with others in a manner of the highest integrity and in a manner that will yield the most beneficial products and software to our patrons as well as to our direct industry.

With our dedication to open source standards, we strive to maximize our resources and leave a positive impact on the world around us while fulfilling the needs of our workers, clients, partners and local communities.

We wholeheartedly support the engagement in fair practices between suppliers and vendors to ensure a more secure experience in business and efficient environmental caretaking.

We know that relationships are based on honesty and reliability, and we work to build these relations with everyone around us by taking the time to listen and provide solutions. We aim for our actions to be of benefit for everyone to enjoy, while also meeting the goals of our stake-holders.