WebRTC, A torrent-like client built in the browser

Torrent technology has been around for a while. One off the main reason for its widespread success is its ability to distribute high volumes of data without hammering an individual server. Torrents distribute the responsibility of content delivery amongst various nodes within the network instead of a private CDN (content distribution network). In simple words the users downloading the content can also upload it to other users. Such a distribution model can power a whole class of real-time client server applications, but due to its inherent design of the bit-torrent applications have been restricted to downloading large files. This introduces a need for a much more flexible protocol for communication between clients of an application, preferbally leaving the server out of the picture as much as possible. And the new web standards might just have the solution, WebRTC. WebRTC comes pre-baked in the latest stable version of Google Chrome, however disabled by default. You can enable it by going to the following url "chrome://flags", and then enable the feature called, "Enable PeerConnection"


We have been experimenting with WebRTC for quite sometime now, and would love for you to check out some of the working demos online to grasp its potential in an open web centric eco-system.

One of the biggest eye brow lifter with us has been:

https://webglmeeting.appspot.com/?r=20818269 (You might catch us online there :D)

For more demos, please visit: http://www.webrtc.org/running-the-demos