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Truly Full Width Layout

Full width CSS layouts often these days are done with many different methods. A common requirement for a full with layout is a fluid width content region with a minimum width contraint and fixed side bars. We looked around but could not found a good clean cross browser complaint template that could meet these needs with pure CSS without Javascript. So we decided to put one together and share it with our fellow developers.

This particular template is 960 pixels minimum, but this concept can be used to develop compact fluid width mobile themes.

Fluid Vector Animations: Looking Beyond DOM Manipulation

DOM manipulation to create beautiful animations sparked a whole revolution of Flashless animations that later evolved in to HTML5. Now with browsers supporting the SVG graphics standard it is breath taking what could be done with SVG element manipulation in the browsers. This opens the possibility of stunning vector graphics, that animate beautifully and fluidly.

Here is an example of a simple SVG graphic with temporal manipulation using Javascript to create a smooth animation. (Tested in Google Chrome 25)

WebRTC, A torrent-like client built in the browser

Torrent technology has been around for a while. One off the main reason for its widespread success is its ability to distribute high volumes of data without hammering an individual server. Torrents distribute the responsibility of content delivery amongst various nodes within the network instead of a private CDN (content distribution network). In simple words the users downloading the content can also upload it to other users.

The future is now and it's full of opportunities!


Remember the good old days, when we actually had time for a nice cup of tea with the family in the porch while the kids played out in the yard?

A few hours ago Microsoft spent $1 billion on AOL's patents

A few days ago facebook bought 750 patents from IBM as the social networking company attempts to strengthen its intellectual property portfolio in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Yahoo.

A few months ago Google bought Motorola Mobillity, gaining control of more than 17,000 mobile-related patents worldwide, with an additional 7,000 Motorola patent applications in the pipeline.)

A few days before that Apple bought 6000 patents from Nortel Networks Corp

What are patents, but ideas and what are ideas but the essence of future.

Technology Battles: What's the clamor all about? Node.js vs PHP

Since the industry has seen a growth in distribution of mobile arm architecture products ( i.e. iphone, ipad, android products), there has been an explosion of server side frameworks and software that promises to feast the unending desire of these little buggers to consume real-time content everywhere they go.

WebGL Gaming

I see the future as a place where camping out to be the first one to play a game will be a thing of the past. Due to new advancement in web standards and the hard work of the good folks at W3C, Google, Apple, and many others in the opensource world WebGL has been made possible. It allows javascript developers to securely leverage the graphics cards capabilities of client machines.

It's official, Adobe is putting its future mobile video efforts behind HTML5.

Sources close to Adobe that have been briefed on the company’s future development plans have revealed this forthcoming announcement: