Agile Software Development

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Do I Really Need Technology in My Business?

It's happening every day, and you've heard it all before. "My business could use a technology upgrade, but I just can't keep up with the trends!" Why does your company need to integrate technology into itself in the first place? For one, thing, it makes a lot of processes that were at first tedious or complicated into fast, simple and efficient work activities that require less personal attention so you can focus on the stuff that matters. To handle all of this, you need something called an information system, which handles operations, management, decision making and other activities in which people are directly involved. Of course, there are many choices to be made in what software you choose or what method you use to implement an information system, and the whole thing can get kind of confusing. This is where we come in. D.A. Designers provides something called "end-to-end solutions" which minimize the confusion over choosing and implementing software. We can create a system that you like and apply it in a way that suits your business best.

Ok, Well, How Do You Plan to Do It?

D.A. uses the Agile Development Model, which helps build quality software through open collabortation between development teams and the customer, hands-on customer experiences and the ability for a plan to change and evolve with the software requirements.

With self-organization and iteration-based planning, we can create and implement a system quickly, efficiently and effectively to promplty and concisely meet your company's technological needs.

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